The strategic and creative challenge that C’M is the bearer of, is creating a new synergy between gastronomy, territory and the economic world, able to promote the diffusion of a new model of development that combines knowledge, ethics and environmental sustainability.
Development evaluable in economic terms (strengthening the economy and tourism), social (development of social networks and sharing moments), cultural (development of new practices and lifestyles).
The goal is to build a series of activities and initiatives of the highest profile, linked to a strong brand, aimed at enhancing and developing the excellence of the Sicilian culinary tradition and to innovatively promote the international kitchen as a place of meeting, comparison and exchange between different cultures and as a “catalyst of cultural processes” for the diffusion of a new model of development, fairer and more sustainable.
Stimulate the meeting between people from different backgrounds and cultures to foster a new way of living the relationship between cuisine and the sea, which combines ethics and conviviality, environmental sustainability and territorial development. With this commitment we want to give cultural dignity to local traditions and biodiversity, giving value to “neglected”, “simple”, “pure”, “genuine”, starting from the selection of raw materials.
In short, try to promote new trends and lifestyles to rediscover the roots to rethink economic-social development and build a more beautiful, cleaner and fairer world.