Gastronomy, Mediterranean Sea and environment are the three cornerstones of the Cookin’Med project.

Gastronomy should be understood in a broad sense as a set of meaning and solo practices partly linked to food. This is a link to the life of man and therefore interdisciplinary by definition.

The sea. Most of the earth’s surface is covered with water (without considering continental waters such as lakes, rivers, etc.), and this presence influences not only many environmental and climatic phenomena but also culture. In places of the sea you can see a particular lifestyle and culture (it is possible to identify trends, habits and similar traditions in the maritime cultures all over the world: in this sense, as a sea economy, of sea architecture “, Maritime Poetry and of “kitchen of the sea” …) The sea is therefore an essential factor in the determination of the activities of a place and of a people.In horticultural way this has been happening for centuries for the Mediterranean which has given a very strong stamp to all the countries and all the civilizations that face this basin. Mare Nostrum is not only a linguistic expression but it is what I have already felt codified as a familiar element, a common root, the constant of any fundamental variable element in the construction of our culture.

The environment is what envelops us, much more clearly the English root tells, not surprisingly, this dimension with the term environment. The characteristics that this environment assumes, obviously shaped by the action of man and his civilizations, then conditions, in a biunivocal relationship, what we are and above all what we will be. An undeniable tendency of our era is represented by globalization, that is by the “progressive growth of relations and exchanges at world level in various fields, the main effect of which is a decisive economic and cultural convergence among the countries of the world”. As a response to the dangers and distortions inherent in the phenomenon of globalization, practices and lifestyles are spreading that bring a return to the local dimension. Theories such as “Downshifting”, “Happy Decrease”, “Bioregionalism”, “Slow Movement”, etc … are updated verons of a dimension to which we would like to return, not out of nostalgia, but with a precise spirit of recovery and reintegration of certain values ​​into a modern context that often overwhelms them without reconstructing them.

Cookin’Med wants to find new ways to renew and reinvigorate the synergy between these elements.