The chef Pino Cuttaia, after sharing the experience of Care’s, has developed the idea that even “his garden” needs special attention. His being “frontier chef” on such a wide and dramatically current border led him to reflect on the fact that the recovery of certain gestures, certain ways of living the sea and the kitchen could be the link between different experiences and a conciliatory way to face the debate on sustainability and respect for the environment.
But the chef is a chef and has his place in the kitchen and there, according to Pino Cuttaia, he must spend most of his time and for this he chose a partner that helps him in the construction and implementation of this important project. Pino Cuttaia has chosen Alessandra Montana as an operative partner that through MO.CU. Srl will have the task to realize Cookin’Med and many other cultural initiatives for the formation and promotion of sustainability, cuisine and the Mediterranean.

Cookin’med is a transversal research laboratory on gastronomy that investigates the values that combine, on a global level, culturally and socially the people who live the sea as a resource, passion, challenge, heritage to be protected.

Cookin’med is a network that stimulates the meeting between sociologists, naturalists, fishermen, breeders, cooks, entrepreneurs and artists, to promote a way of living the relationship between cuisine and the sea, which combines ethics and conviviality, environmental sustainability and territorial development.

Cookin’med is a flow of experiences, thoughts and emotions, aimed at the rediscovery of roots as a necessary basis for rethinking economic and social development, exploring the various aspects of the complicity that connects production, product, territory and consumption.

Cookin’med conceives the development of a new concept of sea gastronomy as an unmissable opportunity for the establishment of a more beautiful, cleaner and fairer world.